Monday, March 3, 2014

Thursday, Feb. 13th

We have more wheelchairs that need to be put together, so we stopped at the hospital and picked Siua up. We are really starting to enjoy the boys from the hospital because we spend a lot of time with them now. We are giving out a lot of wheelchairs, which is really good!!! The boys love to come and put them together. We have an air-conditioned area where they can work and then Alan always goes and buys them lunch. It doesn’t get any better than that in Tonga!!

I was working on closing out the Central Pharmacy project on CHAS today and got distracted. Alan wanted me to check and see if anyone else had signed off on the Nukuhetulu project. They hadn’t, but then I forgot that I had changed projects and I added the Central Pharmacy closing comments to the Nukuhetulu project, which hasn’t even been approved yet! Once you add something on CHAS and submit it, you can’t undo it, it is on the internet. I am so frustrated!!! I wrote to Elder Reynolds and asked for help but he can’t do anything either. He was so kind, he said not to worry about it. I hope he’s right. I hate to mess up our brand new project! I don’t multi-task as well as I used to.

Part of my problem was that I was stressed over the Cyclone Ian spreadsheet. All of the updates were due by noon and I still had two people who had not sent me their receipts. I eventually got one but I just sent it off without the other one. It was the mission!!! They are driving me crazy. Elder Hamblin, in the office, is the one I keep calling to send me the information and he was an accountant. I can’t believe that he doesn’t get it!

We had the conference call at 2:00 pm and our part went well. We still don’t have the final invoice for the chartered air craft but no one can seem to get that job done. Now the big guns are going to step in so hopefully by next week we can solve that one.

Elder Reynolds approved the Nukuhetulu Project today. There are still 3 more signatures that we need from the people in the Area Office before it goes to Salt Lake. Elder Nelson and Elder Anderson are arriving from the US tomorrow for almost 2 weeks, so it will sit in New Zealand for awhile.

We went to the temple again tonight. Love, Love, Love to spend the evening in the temple. We are getting excited to see the new temple movies. We have been watching this same one for a LONG TIME!!!