Monday, March 24, 2014

Saturday, March 1st

GREG’S BIRTHDAY IN TONGA!! Wow, it turned out to be quite a day in Tonga. I hope his birthday in America is a little calmer.

When we got up it was cloudy but it didn’t look to bad, so we went ahead and did the wash. By the time it was done and ready to hang up, it had started to rain. We moved it all to the lines closest to the house and did the best we could. As the day went on, it just got worse and worse and our sheets never did get dry!

The cyclone stalled out in the ocean and picked up some power. It turned into a category 2 cyclone and it is expected to hit us tonight. It rained hard off and on all day and the winds have also gotten stronger as the day has progressed. We pretty much stayed home today. There wasn’t any where we really needed to go so we didn’t want to go out in this weather. The streets and lawns at Liahona are flooded now, so we hope it doesn’t get too much worse in the night. We are worried about the lower areas on the island and also the people along the beach front. We are also really worried about the people in Ha’api. We are hoping it doesn’t go that direction. They’ve had about all they can handle.

We did make a trip over to our office at Liahona. The air conditioner still isn’t in but it was cool enough with the windows open and all that wind, that I could put some things on the blog. We also called Greg while we were there. I think we caught him having a nap again. He has a hard time waking up to talk to us, that plus the fact that we didn’t get a good connection because of the weather, made it a little hard to have a good visit with him. We sure miss him and hope he has a good birthday. He hates anyone making a fuss over him, so he is planning a quiet day.