Sunday, March 23, 2014

Tuesday, Feb. 25th

We had a fun experience at the office today. Saleisi, one of the village leaders that we have been working with came to talk to us. He wanted to check on the desks that we are trying to get for his school, but what he really wanted to do was tell us about his primary choir that sang for Elder Andersen at the Stake Conference last Sunday. He lead the chior and it turned out to be a great experience for him. We had heard how good that choir of children was and evidently Elder Andersen loved it. When the meeting was over he told the children to come up by him and have their picture taken with him. Then he hugged each one of them. Saleisi couldn’t stop talking about it. He said that he will never forget that experience. It was wonderful to see how happy he was and what an impact that experience had on him.

Before he left, Sione, the town officer from Nukuhetulu, came to see us. He wanted to tell us that the village is busy working on their service project so they will be ready for us to install their new engine. He said that the village is so excited and happy about getting the new engine. Then he took Alan outside so he could fill the back of our car with food that the village had sent. The people of these villages are so generous with their produce. We can’t begin to eat all of it. The other senior couples love it when we close on a project.

I got the spreadsheet updated today and sent to New Zealand. That is always a relief!

This afternoon we went to Kolovi to deliver a wheelchair to Mamana. She had more than she could handle on her own when she came yesterday, so we told her we would bring it out to her. She lives on the far west side of the island and it is about a 45 minute drive to our office. While we were there I was talking to her about our hygiene training. She is the one who is over it for the west side. She is the Stake Relief Society President in her stake and today I found out that she also teaches the Gospel Doctrine class on Sundays and does early morning seminary every morning during the school year! I wish I could introduce her to everyone who thinks they are over worked in their church calling. She has the most amazing positive attitude and now she is doing the wheelchairs and the hygiene training on the side. WOW, she is my hero!

While we were on the west side we went to the Vakaloa Resort to make reservations for Friday night. We are taking the senior missionaries out there for the dinner show as an activity. It is sooooo beautiful out there. I am praying that we will have good weather so we can watch the sunset over the ocean.