Monday, March 31, 2014

Wednesday, March 12th

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO Parx!!! 3 years old, where has the time gone?????

Siua came from the hospital to get some wheelchairs so Alan spent a lot of the morning helping him. I was able to get a lot of information in to the Dasslers for the Mission History today. The internet was working much better.

We found out that one of the wheelchairs was for Brother Walters. He is a man that we know well here. He used to be our home teacher when we were in the Liahona Ward. He had a stroke and now he has pneumonia. He is 85 years old and he isn’t doing very well. We were sorry to hear about that.

A man from one of the Government Primary Schools came to see us the other day. They need desks for their students. We met him today at the school and took some pictures. They have over 600 students at that school, it is over 100 years old and it looks like it! The classrooms are small and they have so many students in the class, I don’t know where they would put the desks if we got enough for each student. There just isn’t enough room. It is so sad. I can’t imagine how they teach them anything in conditions like that.

After a quick dinner we went out to the east side of the island. We wanted to check on the Lavengatonga project and make sure everything is ready for the closing ceremony next week. Everything looked good, but the wind was blowing and the metal was making a funny noise. One corner needs to be secured. We saw Sione, our champion as we were leaving the village and he said that it was a small thing and easily fixed, “not to worry.”

On the way home we stopped at the airport to meet the plane from New Zealand. A new mission couple, the Beckstrands, arrived tonight. He is the new dentist that will be working here at Liahona and supervising the dentistry done on the outer islands. They will be here for 18 months.