Monday, March 24, 2014

Saturday, March 8th

It rained hard most of the night and it was hot and humid this morning. We had to do some laundry so we just put it in and prayed that somehow it would get dry. Later in the afternoon the sun came out and most of it did get dry. The rest we brought in the house and hung it over the shower rod and on hangers in the door frames. Then we turned the air conditioner on and we will just have to wait for it to dry.

With all this rain we didn’t want to go into town today so I spent the afternoon cooking. I made brownies for movie night tonight and dessert for tomorrow and then we made a big tin foil supper to last us for a couple of days. They both tasted really good tonight.

At movie night we watched the John Wayne movie “Hatari”. Some of these movies are soooooooo old!! It was ok, I don’t love that movie but I really like John Wayne. I would have liked a western better. The brownies were a real hit. It was a nice, relaxing night.