Thursday, August 29, 2013

August 16th,

We had a scary picture of our sweet grand daughter, Lori, show up on our computer today. She had been thrown from a 4 wheeler and she looked tough! She had road rash on her chin, elbow and legs and she had chipped her two front teeth. She was wearing a sling to protect her broken arm. But the hardest part to see was the sad look in her beautiful eyes. It about broke our hearts to see her like that and not be there to love and comfort her. She’s a tough little muffin though and we know she will be alright. Her mother said that she is loving being so popular. Everyone is concerned about her and bringing her treats and presents. Who wouldn’t love that??

Just have to say how proud we are of Tiffany. This last week has been a huge one in her life. Lots of changes, lots of emotions, lots of trials, lots of prayers and lots of blessings. We are grateful that she can step back and see the Lord’s hand in her life and know that she is in His care. Life is so much easier when you realize that you don’t have to do it alone. The Lord is always nearby. We know that He is watching over all of our children and grandchildren and that Angels are watching over them. We especially know that when we think of how much worse Lori’s accident could have been. She was truly blessed.

By Saturday, August 17th, Lori had been to the dentist and had her teeth fixed. She had been to the doctor and her arm was not broken in a growth plate, a huge blessing! She was sporting a sparkly cast and showing a toothy grin in the picture we received today. Even the scrapes on her chin looked lots better. She should be ready to start school next week after all.