Monday, August 5, 2013

Friday, July 12th

We were right about not being able to eat that late at night. Alan had some acid reflux last night but he was awake enough to catch it in time. He was hoping that he was over that problem but evidently not.

He has been a little nerved up again the last couple of days. Our new Mission President called him and asked him to be the new District Leader for the senior couples. It is a huge job with new senior couples coming in and all of the activities to plan. We have an activity a week of one sort or another and the Szokas were great at planning that kind of thing. We already have more than we can do and this call kind of pushed Alan over the top. It wasn’t an official call, he just wanted to talk to him about it, so we don’t know for sure if that is what will happen. Before now it has gone to the senior couple who has been here the longest and that is what we were planning on. That would be the Beans and I think they are kind of expecting it. That makes it really awkward. This Mission President is on the outer islands and won’t be back until tomorrow. I guess we will just have to wait and see what happens.

I was working in the office when Alan came to the door and told me to hurry outside. I ran out and he had Kimi on Face Time. He found a spot outside of our office where he can get a wireless connection. We weren’t able to stay connected for long, but we did get to see little Grace wake up from a nap. It’s fun to watch her kick and move around. She is very active! No wonder she came early.