Monday, August 5, 2013

Monday, July 8th

I went to our devotional this morning looking for the people that were supposed to clean the house for the new couple. Of course none of them showed up, but I gave the keys to the house to their supervisor and I am sure that he will take care of it.

GREAT SURPRISE TODAY!!! We got a letter from Cade!! The first, and only, letter we have received on this mission. It was so fun to get mail. What a great young man our grandson is. We are so proud of him and we loved hearing all about what is happening in his life. It made our day!

I worked in the office today while Alan went into town to - hopefully- finish up on the plumbing problem at the MQ. Sister Mitchell came to pick me up and we went over to put some food in the house that the new couple will be staying in. The FM people were there cleaning it as fast as they could! Evidently no one told them it needed to be done. They got it cleaned, we put the food in it, everything will be ready when they arrive.

When we went to FHE tonight we met the new couple. They are Elder and Sister Maile. They are here to do Leadership Support. He is Tongan and she is Samoan. They live in Utah and he has not been back to Tonga since he served his mission here in the 70’s. You guessed it, he and Alan were companions many years ago. They had a sweet reunion that all of the senior couples were able to witness. This makes companion #6 that we have met since we got here. Amazing tender mercies!