Monday, August 12, 2013

Tuesday, July 30th

I hurried in to work today hoping to see pictures of Grace’s blessing but nothing came. I know that Kimi and Mike were really busy and probably exhausted, so I will give them one more day before I start to complain.

  I worked alone in the office today. Ana is getting ready for her relatives to fly in later today and Timoni, our secretary, didn’t come in today. I’m not sure where she was. Alan had to go in to town to meet with Sam and get the contract for the Lavengatonga Project signed. We are so excited about that! Once we get the contract signed we can put the money in the bank and Sam can order the materials and we can get started. We might actually see this project completed!!!

Alan also stopped in to see Sione, our champion from Lavengatonga. He told him about the contract being signed and he was THRILLED! Those people are saints, they have been so patient. Sione was excited to tell the members of the village that things are starting to move. Once the contract is signed, Sam only has 4 months to complete the project. So by the first of December it should be DONE!

While I had peace and quiet I worked on the money. I have to sign off on every penny we have spend during the month. It is all on a very complicated and confusing computer program and I HATE IT! I find this part of the calling very stressful and every time I work on it I think of Bryan and understand why he is always saying that he is stressed. And I am only dealing with 20 to 100 thousand dollar projects, not millions of dollars like he is. Sure glad that we had such a brilliant son. I really admire him for what he has been able to accomplish and what he can handle. I’m perfectly happy knowing that I only have to do this for a short time and then I’m done.

We have a thermometer in our bedroom and today at 6:30 am it said that it was 80 degrees in the house, with 88% humidity. I couldn’t believe how good it felt. At home I would have been dying to have it that hot at night. I hope that means that I am getting used to the heat and that next summer will be a little easier to handle.

Brad Wilcox came to Tonga today. He spoke at a fireside for the youth at Liahona tonight. There were young men and young women everywhere! They had filled the gym with chairs and put up tents outside but at the last minute they had to find more chairs and set them up in the cafeteria. Over 2,700 young people attended! The church sends lots of amazing people here to share the gospel with the people of Tonga and members of the church really appreciate it and support these meetings. He is speaking to the Young Single Adults tomorrow night, we will go to that one.