Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Saturday, August 3rd

The music went late into the night last night and it is so close to our house, the bass makes everything shake. How can you sleep through that? Well, I can’t, but Alan can. He just closed his eyes and he was asleep. That makes me soooooo mad!!! But the kids had plenty to celebrate and I can read to music, so I kept reading and they kept dancing.

We slept in until 7:00 this morning and then slowly got miving. Alan’s back has been bothering him again these last few days and he could hardly get out of bed today. Once he gets up and moving he does better. We are wondering if the bed is what is killing us. I don’t sleep at night and he can’t move in the morning.

After I got the laundry done we headed into town to pick up a few things. It was a sunny day so there were more venders at the fair and we were able to get some of the things we needed. They tell us that there will be a ship come in September so hopefully we can get some things that we haven’t seen for a long time --- like DIET COKE!!! There hasn’t been any on the island for over a month and I am ready to have it back again.

When we got home and put everything away I could see that Alan was really hurting. After lunch he laid down for a little while and once again could hardly get off the bed. He went back into town to get a massage and see if that will help. We have got to decide what to do to keep this from happening again.

While he was gone I made my birthday cake. I love German Chocolate cake and when we were in Ukraine we could get such wonderful chocolate that I made it from scratch, but the chocolate here is waxy and very expensive so I found a boxed cake mix at the American Store and I used that. I did make the frosting from scratch though and with fresh coconut it tasted REALLY GOOD!! In fact so good that I kept eating it out of the pan before I frosted the cake.

Alan came home and rested but he said that he felt a little better. He couldn’t walk with me tonight so I went alone after dinner. I went a little earlier so it wouldn’t get dark and I was able to walk faster because Alan hasn’t been able to walk very fast for awhile. I did fine until a dog came up and went right in between my legs. I almost tripped over him. He wasn’t a scary dog, just too friendly and I had a hard time getting rid of him.

When I got back Alan was ready for cake and ice cream. It tasted really good. Now I have celebrated my birthday for 3 days running. I kind of like that idea.