Thursday, August 29, 2013

Monday, August 12th,

This is a huge day for our family. About the time we were getting out of bed this morning, Jake was being sustained as the new Bishop of the 19th ward. He will be wonderful in this calling. It will definitely be a challenge because he is so young and he has such a young family, but he is certainly equal to the challenge. We know that he has been called by the Lord and that the Lord will always be right beside him. Jake is a very spiritual young man and he has the pure love of Christ in his heart. The people will love him and he will magnify his calling. We are so proud of him and Tiffany. They have done everything the Lord has asked them to do and we know He will bless them and their sweet family. They will be a good example for the other young couples in the ward and we already know that the older people love them. We are hoping and praying that everything went well for them today. Starting tonight -- the real work begins!!

Ana is in New Zealand this week so we aren’t able to meet with some of the people we need to talk to because they don’t speak English. We are catching up on the details in the office and getting everything set to start the Hygiene Program when Sister Uai gets back next week. We will also be able to make some phone calls that we need to take care of and some filing too. We needed this week to catch up!

We called Tiff and Jake tonight to see how things went today but they were already out visiting the members of the ward! Wow, I’m impressed! We had a great visit with Morgan. She’s a doll. How we miss her and all of the grandkids. We will call Tiff and Jake tomorrow. We also called Kimi, just to check on her and see how Grace is doing. It seems that Grace is waking up a little more and making her wants known. Kimi has been spoiled, Grace has been such a content baby. Now that she is acting normal reality will set in.

We had FHE tonight. Elder and Sister Bean were in charge. We played Jeopardy with the categories being: The Old Testament, The New Testament, The Book of Mormon, D&C and the Pearl of Great Price and Church History. We divided into 2 teams and then all worked together to come up with the answers. It was really fun and we learned a lot!! Our team won, but we bet just the right amount of money on the final question so that it would end in a tie if we both knew the answer. It ended in a tie and everyone went home a winner. The Beans had gone to a lot of trouble putting it together. It was a great FHE activity.