Monday, August 12, 2013

Wednesday, July 31st

Ana didn’t come in today either, she is just overwhelmed. I had to finish up the financial report. The Area Office in New Zealand put the Vava’u Hospital Project on CHAS so that we would have a budget to work with before the project is approved, and they didn’t do it right. That fouled up my whole report and I had to go in and do part of it over again with all different codes. Why don’t they just do it the old fashioned way with a ledger and pencil?? It was a lot easier!

Carolyn Gray sent me some pictures of the Lawn Mower Parade today and I was so excited to see them. When I went in to open the folder, it was empty! I was so disappointed, but she is trying to find another way to send them. We have heard that it was a fun day in the neighborhood and we are anxious to see the pictures. I am also anxious to see the pictures of Grace’s blessing, but still nothing! Kimi did send me a picture of her and Grace though so I at least got to see her and I know the rest are coming. PATIENCE!!! You would think that I had developed that quality by now.

We got a call from Elder Maile about 10:00 saying that he wanted us to do the training for the new missionaries that came in last night. He has never done it before and he wanted to see what we did. That was all very well and good, but we gave him all of our stuff and we had nothing to work with. Oh well, we just did what we used to do, without the handouts, but it went well and know he has a feel for what happens. We have 12 new missionaries with more on the way the first of the month. These missionaries are staying in the housing at Liahona until they can find them places to live.

After lunch we went back to the office for a little while and Carolyn had sent the pictures a different way. I think I can get them now but it will take me over an hour to download them. I didn’t have time to do that today but hopefully tomorrow.

Alan had to go into town and get some wheelchairs for the hospital. He had to take the truck and he came home with his leg in bad shape again. The poor man, I don’t know what to do to help him.
While he was gone I made banana muffins for the missionaries for tomorrow morning. We will be taking the money out to all of the missionaries in the morning and I wanted to fix a treat for the Zone Leaders who take us. We don’t know how many more times we will get to do this.