Monday, August 5, 2013

Tuesday, July9th

When we got to the office this morning there was another sweet picture of Grace. It’s killing me to not be able to hold her. She is so precious and it is fun to see how she has her mother and dad wrapped right around that tiny finger already. We are so happy!! What joy she has brought into our family.

Alan didn’t spend much time at the office today. He went out with the Sioeli from the FM to check the MQ’s on the west side of the island. He came back sooooooo angry!! There was one MQ that was just trashed. The elders were living in filth, even their tooth brushes were on the floor! Alan took pictures and left them a note. We will show the pictures to the Mission President when he gets back from his mission tour. We can’t have elders living like that!

I worked on getting things ready for our phone conference with New Zealand tomorrow. I tried to post some things on the blog today, but the internet was just to slow. It kept kicking me off.

We went for a walk tonight. The weather is so much nicer now. In the evening it is very pleasant and we are able to go for nice long walks.