Monday, August 12, 2013

Saturday, July 20th

We got up a little later this morning. It really feels good to be able to sleep in, even if we do wake up early. At least we know that we don’t have to get up. It has been raining off and on all week and today was no different. I needed to do some wash so after breakfast I did that and Alan started cleaning. The rain let up so we headed into town to do some shopping and go to the fair. It was so windy that there weren’t many vendors at the fair. I think they must be waiting for a ship to come in, because there wasn’t much there today.

When we got home Alan did the floors and I cooked some chicken for dinner tomorrow. I am making chicken enchaladas for the President’s Dinner. We also checked to make sure everything was set up in the conference center and that it is ready to go. Now that we are responsible we have to take care of all of the details. I liked it better when all we had to do was show up!

It was nice and cool tonight and we had a great walk. It sprinkled on us but it didn’t start raining until after we got home. We have been watching some episodes of the History of The Saints. One of the missionary couples brought them with them. We are loving them. They are short and very uplifting. It is a great way to end the day.