Monday, August 5, 2013

Wednesday, July 17th

Oh my goodness!! I just caught up on my journal today and realized that July is half over already. Where has the time gone? The weeks seem to just fly by.

I spent the morning working on projects. We have to keep a journal on each project, so each month I write what has been done on that particular project. We now have 7 projects going, which is amazing, but time consuming. While I was doing that a Stake President came in to see us with a critical need. It looks like we will be writing up project #8. They don’t want us to try to do too many projects at once but there is such a need here that when it is something we feel really good about and where we feel we can help, we will write it up. So far we haven’t had any turned down.

We bought out tickets to Vava’u today. We will be flying out on the 24th and returning on the 25th. We would have liked to have stayed a couple of days, but Ana is going with us and she doesn’t want to do that. We have been told that the whales come into the bay in Vava’u and you can really get a good look at them there. We are hoping that we get the chance to do that.

I received a call from Elder Reynolds this afternoon. He wants me to write a letter about our project requests to him, so that he can read it to the Area Presidency. He was just given the additional assignment of being the executive secretary to the Area President. He can now talk about some of the things we are doing and hopefully help the Presidency to understand a little better the needs in Tonga. He also said that he is going to include us in a conference call to Salt Lake about the Pacific Partnership. He wants them to hear our ideas about how to make the next experience better.

Alan was a little melancholy this afternoon. He didn’t have much to do. This could be a real adjustment for him. He is going to have to look around and find new areas where he can help.