Monday, August 5, 2013

Friday, July 19th

I guess you have to take those pills a day ahead, if you want a good night’s sleep the second night. I slept a lot better last night and got up feeling a lot better this morning. I can finally think clearly and I was able to get a lot done at the office. We are making all of the arrangements for our trip to Vava’u next week. We also got word from Elder Colson that he thinks we should go ahead with another water project. It is a critical need in a village here. I hope I’m up to that one. Those water projects are so much work and they take forever! But they help so many people who are in dire need. I will start working on that on Monday.

Alan spent the morning checking on bids for projects and helping Elder Maile get started on the MQ’s. The people at the FM are really sad that they won’t be working with him any more. He has made some great friends over there.

Elder Reynolds called and wants me to write up a special project for his meeting with the Area Presidency next week. The work goes on!!!

We went to a High Priest party tonight. It is really hard to get up for these parties. We are tired by the end of the day and then we have to get ready and drive all the way into town. This one was dinner and a movie. We knew it wouldn’t start on time, so we did a little shopping first. That saved us from making an extra trip into town. When we got to the party we were pleasantly surprised to find that we weren’t the first ones there. Some of the food was there and they had it set up for the movie. I had baked some banana bars, so I put them in the fridge until the party started.

We actually started to eat by 7:30 and I put the banana bars out on the table. It was the only dessert. They were gone before most people had a chance to get any food at all. There were only about 15 people that came and I cut them into 28 pieces, but people just scarffed them up. They love American desserts!

We ate with the bishopric around a big table. The Executive Secretary came in with the pig’s head on his plate. I just kept watching him to see if he was really going to eat it. When he picked it up I grabbed my camera and started taking pictures. He ate it!!! The ears, the brains, it was DISGUSTING!! They were all laughing at me because I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Then they started talking about eating dogs and cats. Needless to say, I didn’t eat much at the party. I still get a little nauseous just writing about it.

We never did see the movie. The man that was supposed to bring it --- forgot it! Oh well, we had a lot of fun and they had a great time laughing at me. These people are really fun. They just have such a good time all the time.