Monday, August 5, 2013

Wednesday, July 10th

I felt really good about our conference call with New Zealand this morning. We had Ana sit in on it with us so she would know what we were discussing with them. We are working on 2 water projects, a hospital project, the pharmacy project, the wheelchair project and a dental project. We also reported on our involvement with the Pacific Partnership and what we have been doing since they left. When they left we were able to keep 6, 100lb. Bales of bedding and clothes that they were going to put back on the ship and 120 school kits that weren’t given out. We have taken the bedding and clothes out to 38 families in 14 different villages. Ana made all of that possible, she knows people everywhere and we were able to help a lot of people who are not members of the church.

We had the afternoon free today so we went into town grocery shopping. While we were there we got a call saying that we needed to move a mattress from one MQ to another so there would be a bed for a missionary who is flying in tonight. We were able to do that with our new car, we just put the back seats down. It worked out great. One thing we have learned on this mission is how to be flexible! We never know from one moment to the next what we will be doing.

After dinner tonight we went for another great walk. I am really loving this weather! When we got home I baked some chocolate chip cookies. We have really cut back on sweets, which is good, but we will be having the Szokas and the Mailes over for dinner in the next few days and we need to have some dessert for those meals. Besides, I was craving them!!